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Hi Friends! Today, I am launching a new series here on the blog called “Monthly Favs.” Once a month, I will jump on here and share some of my favorite recent finds/deals; everything from beauty and grocery store finds, to clothing and home decor! I am SO excited about this series, and hope these posts help you find some new favorite products of your own!

To kick off the series, I am going to link a few of my favorite Amazon deals! Check them out below and happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission from your use of them.


Shampoo + Conditioner | I have been switching shampoo & conditioner sets for a while now, trying to find the best one, and this set so far has been my favorite. I have tried everything, and this stuff really WORKS WONDERS! The bottles are a pretty good size too, so you get your money’s worth. Purchase here | $29

Bath Bombs | I purchased these originally as a gift and when they arrived, they SMELLED SO GOOD. Like I almost kept them for myself right then and there. These come packaged in the prettiest box (great for re-use to hold things in your bathroom), and at an incredible price! Only comes down to about $2/bomb! Such a fun way to treat yourself. Purchase here. | $13

Makeup Brushes | If there is only one thing you add to your cart from this post, I highly recommend it be these makeup brushes! The value of this set is unmatched! $11 gets you a FULL set of brushes, all incredible quality. The variety of brushes you get here is amazing, and for the cherry on top, they are EASY TO CLEAN! I’m obsessed, and you should be too. Purchase here. | $13

Exfoliating Brush | Looking for a good exfoliating brush? This is for YOU! I have tried a few different things for exfoliating (exfoliating gloves, razors with built in exfoliators, loofahs)…nothing does the job quite like this brush. It is a wet to dry brush, so can be used both in and out of the shower! It is very high quality, with a bamboo base and a nice strap for easy use. The built-in massage nodules make it not so rough on the skin as well. Highly recommend, especially with those sunny days just around the corner! Purchase here. | $12

Chevron Colorblock Sweater | This is probably my most favorite recent Amazon find! Colorblock sweaters are all the rave lately, and I have actually seen this exact sweater for sale on some of my favorite boutique websites. Their price tag, however, was much higher than what I was willing to spend on it…until I found it here! This sweater is adorable and VERY comfortable! Only thing to note, it is NOT off the shoulder as pictured. It is a true crew neck, and true to size. It is also available in a few other colors! Purchase here. | $25

Cuff Bracelet | I have recently been obsessed with this chic cuff bracelet! It isn’t anything fancy, but it does dress up some of my outfits which I love! Highly recommend snagging this to highlight your wardrobe! Available in a few different styles and colors. Purchase here. | $14

Leather Belt | This belt comes in a few different colors and is the perfect staple! I wear it a few times a week and I LOVE it. Very stylish and durable. It is a skinnier belt too, which I love for dressing up a sweater outfit, or wearing to work. Purchase here. | $10

Basic Tank | This basic tank comes in 20 COLORS! I have a few different ones that I wear constantly! The material is incredibly soft and very comfortable. For the price, you might as well snag a few! Runs true to size, and prices vary on size + color. Purchase here. | $12-$20


That’s it for today, friends! I hope you enjoyed some of these Amazon favs of mine and snagged some good deals! Feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what deals you want to see next month!

xoxo, Britt

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