Life Goals

I think there is something really special and powerful about taking time to write down your life goals, big or small. I feel like not only can they be used to encourage others, but there is something about actually writing them down that makes them feel more concrete, more purposeful, more likely to actually happen. Maybe it’s just me…but I hope the sharing of a few of my life goals inspires you to write down yours too. And maybe together, we can start the journey of making them a reality!

  1. Write a Book
  2. Become a Blogger that Inspires Others
  3. Have Children
  4. Move Out of State
  5. Travel Somewhere Outside of My Comfort Zone
  6. Develop a Friendship with Someone Abroad
  7. Buy a House & Invest in Intentionally Adding My Own Creative Touches to It
  8. Learn Professional Handwriting
  9. Read the Bible Chronologically
  10. Pick Up Figure Skating Again
  11. Live Out All My Days Pursuing Jesus & Sharing the Gospel With Others
  12. Spend Each & Every Day Choosing to Love and Care for My Sweet Husband, James


Thanks for reading, friends. I am sure this list will continue to grow as the years go on, but it makes me so excited to see these goals written down. I would LOVE to read your Life Goals list too, so feel free to share with me! Lets pursue our dreams together!

xoxo, Brittney

2 thoughts on “Life Goals

  1. This is such a cool list! Now I want to write a list of my own life goals. You’re an amazing writer and you’ve definitely accomplished the second goal on your list 😉 you always inspire me. 💛

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