James and I have been married for three years…three beautiful years, all of which James has given me far more than I could ever ask for in love, provision, leadership, and comfort. But for three years, he stuck his foot down on us never getting a puppy. Not because he has no soul (although I used to tease that I questioned this…lol), but because the practical side of him saw the difficulties raising a pup would present for the two of us both working full time jobs and enjoying travel.

But friends, after three long years of tagging him in every puppy video on Facebook, constantly sending him puppy memes, and always making it the #1 thing on every Birthday/Christmas list, my sweet husband caved.

He surprised me with his change of heart a few weeks before Christmas and I started our search for the perfect puppy right away!

I actually found him through a breeder on a Facebook Corgi group page. I did extensive research on finding one within driving distance, as we both didn’t feel comfortable shipping from another state.

After a few weeks of searching, I found a breeder in Nevada, who met us in Vegas for delivery. Our pup’s mother is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and the father is a Pembroke/Cardigan Corgi. This mix allowed for a much cheaper price tag on our pup. And he is the most precious thing I have ever seen!

Our Milo was born on Christmas Eve, 2018. So this weekend, we welcomed him into our home at 8 weeks old. We are overjoyed to embark on this new journey together and can’t wait for all of you to follow along!

xoxo, The Gages

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