Once a Gilmore, Always a Gilmore

It’s no secret that I am a huge Gilmore Girls Fan. I watched it all through High School and there is something about Stars Hollow that gives me all of the nostalgic feels. Two years ago, me and millions of other fans got to experience the glamour, friendship, and laughter of Gilmore Girls all over again through a revival series hosted on Netflix. In celebration of the revival, I snagged tickets for my sister and best friend to the Gilmore Girls Four Seasons Festival hosted by Netflix! It was one of the most incredible days, and in honor of the GG revival anniversary, I thought it would be fun to take you all back to the very day of the festival and share what it was like to live in Stars Hollow for a day! Let the #noshame fan-girling continue…

We eagerly waited in line with a few hundred other fans for about 2-3 hours before the gates to the festival opened and our time in Stars Hollow began! There were a few pop up stations in the festival dedicated to different parts of Stars Hollow.

Our first stop was Luke’s Diner for a cup of his famous coffee! This station was the perfect way to start our Gilmore Girl adventure, baseball caps & the infamous “No Cell Phones” sign included.

Next, we headed to Kirk’s Button Emporium where we got to snag a few nostalgic buttons with famous lines from the show. My favorite: “In Omnia Paratus” of course! My second fav was “Oy with the poodles already!” So clever, and such a fun piece of the day to take with us.

Next stop was Taylor’s Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe where we got to fill our own bags with Taylor Doose-inspired candy!

We then got to walk through Kim’s Antique shop which was filled with actual props and memorabilia from the show! From Luke’s Diner menus and Dragonfly Inn stationary, to the very paintings hung in Emily & Richard’s home, they had it all!

Next stop was the post office where we got to mail ourselves postcards with greetings from Stars Hollow!

Our last stop was the Stars Hollow Gazette where we got to snap cute pictures in the photo booth!

While in line for our last stop, it started to rain, so we got lucky with snagging “In Omnia Paratus” umbrellas…the perfect cherry on top to an already magical day.

Oh and you can’t forget the famous gazebo – the greatest Gilmore Girl icon of all time.

The Netflix Four Seasons Festival was an incredible tribute to a wonderful show. We had so much fun getting to immerse ourselves, even if just for a bit, in the world of a Gilmore Girl. Once a Gilmore, always a Gilmore, right?

P.S. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to go re-watch the whole series for the 12th time…

xoxo, B




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