23 Things I Love About my Husband

On June 19th, 1995, the absolute love of my life was born (cue all of the cheesiness, I know). But as tribute to this very special day, I wanted to share 23 things I love about him:

  1. He is the kindest man I have ever known
  2. He cried when watching the episode of “The Office” where Michael Scott leaves
  3. He sings every. single. morning (& incorporates my name into the lyrics)
  4. In moments of silence, he will tap me three times as code for “I. Love. You.”
  5. He gives me a very particular look when he wants me to rub his back
  6. The very distinct smirk he has when he is up to no good (literally never fails)
  7. How absolutely excited he gets EVERY time an Amazon package comes to the door, even if its something as mundane as paper (seriously guys, I’m not joking)
  8. He’s scared of the unknown & stepping out of his comfort zone, but he usually always does it anyways + with a great attitude
  9. He paces so much when he is on the phone (can’t sit still, LOL)
  10. He is nerdy (like obsessed-with-D&D + all-things-board-games nerdy)
  11. He has a number of quirky bits he does to make me laugh (& they work every time, even if I am mad at him)
  12. He is a really good cook (better than I am by far)
  13. I don’t think he notices how many times he air-drums or hums his own beat (its super cute)
  14. He strives so much for wisdom above comfort
  15. His morning snuggles
  16. He loves the Lord & pursues holiness every day
  17. He cares for others so deeply
  18. His sense of humor never gets old
  19. He loves home (a little more than I do – I have a never-ending itch for adventure! But James has shown me a love for home that I admire)
  20. He believes in following your dreams (even if it means temporarily putting things on hold. I admire this because I am a huge planner, always trying to make sure things are in order for the future. But James is more “live in the now” if you will. He is wise, but treasures the present)
  21. He values family
  22. He is extremely intelligent (in ways that often still surprise me)
  23. I love the way he loves me – so fiercely, selflessly, & unconditionally.

To my sweet husband, Happy 23rd Birthday. I choose you today & every day.


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