Cruising into the New Year: The Mexican Riviera

My sweet husband and I kicked off 2018 with a 7-Day Mexican Riviera Cruise spent with my wonderful Family. From lounging by the pool and dining at endless buffets, to enjoying some tropical views of Mexico and whale watching in Cabo, every second of our seven-day adventure was so relaxing. One thing about cruising is that there is always something to do. Whether its pool hopping (there were FOUR to choose from!), playing a game in the lounge, watching a show in the theatre, shopping for some great deals on board, eating a snack (so. much. food.), or just simply enjoying incredible views of the ocean, you can’t really ever get bored.

I drank way too many fruit smoothies, and took more naps than I ever have in my life, but if you want to experience a trip of all-inclusive relaxation, then a cruise is the way to go.

I have only cruised twice in my life (the first was our HONEYMOON!) and I have to say Princess Cruise Lines was way better than Carnival, who we cruised with the first time. Princess does a great job at balancing elegance with a fun, creating an atmosphere that really adds to the relaxation you experience while on the ship.

The first day, we set off from Los Angeles with two full days at sea ahead, during which we experienced a whole lot of lounging by the pool, sipping Pina Coladas, and watching movies. We also got to see a school of dolphins jump through the water right alongside our ship!!

We didn’t have any excursions planned this trip, but that didn’t stop us from soaking up every minute of our time spent in Mexico.

We enjoyed some of the most incredible views (Mexico is way more tropical than I expected!!) and we made so many great memories experiencing all of the onboard activities.

We played games, watched some shows (including “The Voice of the Ocean” which was organized just like “The Voice” T.V. show. SO FUN!), and ate so much yummy food.

And the food was not only delicious, but so beautifully plated!

One of the nights, James spoiled me with a special dinner, just the two of us. We dined by the window and watched the sunset over Mexico as we departed for Cabo!

There were also two formal nights, which involved formal attire, tons of photo-booths, and a fancier dining experience.


Our ship ported in three different locations (Puerta Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo). Cabo San Lucas was by far my favorite (I mean what beats having a view of the famous Arch right outside your room balcony!)

Before watching the sunrise in Cabo (SO DREAMY), we got off the ship and headed for shore. But our time on shore didn’t last long as we didn’t expect to be bombarded by so many locals shouting at us to use their water taxi services (totally ruined the vibe).

While we departed from the Cabo bay, we got to whale watch from our balcony (one of the COOLEST things ever!!) It was the perfect end to our seven-day adventure.

We love Princess Cruises and can’t wait to take one of their beautiful ships to another incredible destination! (Any suggestions on where we should go next?)

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