The Apple Farm & Our New-Found Tradition

San Luis Obispo’s Apple Farm Inn just celebrated their 40th anniversary. In commemoration of this event, they hosted a writing contest for all of their guests to submit a short piece on their favorite memory spent at the Apple Farm Inn, which holds a very special place in my heart. It was a destination during our very first road trip together as a married couple, and is also where we’ve spent both of our wedding anniversaries at. Naturally, I decided to submit a memory piece on our first wedding anniversary spent at the Apple Farm, and to my surprise, it was one of the winners of the contest, scoring us a free night stay to go back (& WE CAN’T WAIT!)

Apple Farm Inn

As many of you know, I am a huge lover of travel – exploring new places and checking things off my bucket list. But there’s something undeniably special about the familiar, too – the simple moments of reflection and a slower pace. It’s one of the things I love most about our new-found tradition; and I can’t wait to continue making memories, both mundane and exhilarating, with the one whom my soul loves.

One of my greatest passions is preserving these memories in words, and I hope you enjoy following along as I share fragments of the life we’ve built together. Check out a few of our anniversary memories below, and stay tuned for future adventures!

Both times we made the trip up to SLO, we also spent the afternoon at Sycamore Mineral Springs where we rented a hot tub nestled on a mountaintop accompanied with some breathtaking views.

Sycamore Mineral Springs

This past visit, we spent some time wandering the Spa grounds, absolutely AMAZED at some of the views we found, reminiscing on the previous year and dreaming about the future.

We’ve also made it a tradition to eat dinner at Pismo’s F. McLintocks Saloon & Dining House (which is hands down home to the BEST steak I have ever had in my life to date).

We end the evening back in our hotel room, snuggled up by a warm fire, sipping Apple Cider, and watching a Christmas movie.


Our wedding date was only 6 days away from Christmas, so our celebratory getaway always happens to fall on the weekend of Christmas Eve, which makes it all the more special because Christmas Eve is the day we came home from our honeymoon! I am overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for the sweet time we get to spend together this time of year – I find myself constantly thanking God for the precious love we share, for the special gift of marriage He’s granted to us, and the life ahead that we get to experience together.

Check out my winning piece below, & thank you for following along!

– Our First Wedding Anniversary at the Apple Farm –

Sometimes you stumble across a place that transcends expectations; a place that makes memories all the more special because of its charm. For my husband and I, this place is the Apple Farm Inn, whose walls will forever hold the precious memory of our first wedding anniversary.

With smiles so wide it hurt, and hands intertwined as if we’d never let go, we set off on a road trip to the Apple Farm on a cold day in December and arrived at what we would soon discover to be one of the most romantic and relaxing experiences of our lives. So much in fact, that it has become one of our precious traditions we hope to hold for the rest of our lives together.

The Apple Farm holds an atmosphere so enchanting – stuck in time and yet so effortlessly interweaved with the present. It’s as if there is a kind of magic in the air, captured by the genuine smiles of its staff and preserved by the undeniable charm of its presence.

Nestled in the middle of December, our anniversary celebration at the Apple Farm was made all the more special by its stunning Holiday decorations. From the elegant sparkle of the twinkling lights and the rustic charisma of various decor, all the way up to the glorious and grand Christmas tree in the lobby, every single corner of the Inn is covered in utterly pure and beautiful Christmas magic. It truly is an experience that can’t be adequately captured in pictures, or even preserved in words. It must be seen and experienced in person, for that is half the beauty of it. This aspect of our stay made this memory all the more special.

After a wonderful day filled with Apple Farm treats and shopping in the adorable gift shop (I can never leave that place without buying something), we settled down for the night in one of the most charming rooms I have ever seen in my life. We laid in bed that night, a warm fire burning and glasses of apple cider to accompany our reminiscent giggles that echoed off the floral walls as we reflected on the past year and dreamed about what was to come of the future.

2018-01-28 10.21.34 1

The next morning, before heading home, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Apple Farm Restaurant (seriously, I DREAM about those biscuits!!). On the car ride home, we couldn’t help but talk about how wonderful our stay was and we eagerly looked forward to the next time we would go back. Staying at the Apple Farm Inn during the Holidays, in celebration of our wedding anniversary every year, has become one of our greatest memories. In some ways, it has become “home away from home” where special memories will forever live, calling us back time and time again.

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