The Story of Us

When we look back at how it all started, there is one word that comes to mind: Grace. Not “fate,” or “destiny,” or “true love;” but grace. While yes, we would argue that we met for a reason – for a purpose – we believe that our story is best understood as part of God’s providential plan.

It all began with a letter nestled in a 1930 Royal Typewriter; the contents of the page guiding my soul to the realization that the man who wrote it would have my heart for the rest of our days. After 365 days of overwhelming joy, endless laughter, and so much growth, I stood in front of the man of my dreams as he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. Ten months later, on a rainy day in December, we began our greatest adventure with an unshakable covenant, promising to always choose one another, to seek holiness all the days of our lives, to love without condition, and to find happiness in the simplicity of the life we build together.

Now, here we are, almost two years into marriage, and I can honestly say that loving him has been the easiest decision of my life. And choosing to love him every day since has been the greatest joy. Looking back now at all that we have both been through, it makes sense. I am here, writing this today, because of God’s vast, unchanging, unconditional, and abundant grace – I don’t deserve that! And then God decides to throw an incredible man, full of love and kindness into my life. Again, what did I do to deserve that? But that’s just the thing – I didn’t. We didn’t. The gift of love that we have found in each other is not for us. The covenant promises we vowed to each other on that special day in December is for God’s purpose – for the ultimate fulfillment of His kingdom.

In 70 years from now when we are old and holding onto life by its bare roots, we will both look back and know that all we have accomplished here on earth together was for a greater purpose – a purpose that extends beyond what we can imagine. So, as our journey here on this earth together continues, I am thankful first and foremost for our sovereign and loving Father in heaven who has so graciously given us the love that we have. As life comes at us together, I know that our hope and prayer is that we would glorify the Lord in everything we do, that we would cultivate a deeper hunger for serving others, and that we would never boast in anything but Jesus Christ.

So here’s to forever – here’s to grace.

The following vows I made to my sweet husband on December 19th, 2015 are more true today than they have ever been:

I, Brittney, take you, James, forever & always.

I promise to love you unconditionally for the rest of my days. I promise to be faithful to you, to lift you up, & to never take for granted the man that you are. I promise to be your companion, your number one fan, & your best friend always. In your strengths, I promise to rejoice, & in your weaknesses, I promise to be a place of rest. I promise to laugh with you, cry with you, worship our Heavenly Father with you, & to grow with you. I promise to find the joy in loving & serving you, even through times of tribulation. I promise to rub your back, even when I don’t want to, & to find great reward in the small things that I am privileged to do for you. I promise to embrace every day as an adventure, finding comfort in the simplicity of the life that we build together.

I will cherish & admire you each & every day of my life. Every single piece of me loves every single piece of you & I promise that this will never change. When this world begs us to turn away, I promise to remain steadfast in the foundation we have rooted in Christ. I promise to trust in you & to find confidence in your leadership wherever we go.

If the Lord blesses us with children, I promise to be a mother who strives for holiness, teaching them the importance of the gospel. I promise to love them, to nurture them, & to instill a value in our home that resonates in their hearts.

Above all, I promise to always seek first God’s kingdom & His righteousness, & to be a woman who encourages you to do the same. I don’t know what the future will bring, but one thing I do know with absolute certainty is that I choose you. In times of grieving & in times of rejoicing, I choose you. I choose you always.

These are not only my promises to you, but privileges that I will thank God for every day. My heart is forever yours.

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