Awake My Soul

Awake my soul. Tear me apart and dissect every inch of me. Do you feel that? The beating of my heart, the inhale and exhale of my lungs, the pulsing of my veins. Dig deeper. Peel me apart like a warrantless search for my heart and grab hold of what I live for. Ignore the creaking of my bones. Fight the urge to let go. Focus. Let my existence weave between your fingertips. Let the light hiding at my core break through the surface and fill the room. Do you see it? A collection of memories, a flash of hope, a glimpse of joy. Let my shadow fill the corners, let it shake the ground, let it break the surface and rid of the darkness. Let it in. Hear my voice? Close your eyes. Listen to the sound of my whisper. Let it echo, let it break the silence. Keep searching. Feel my presence. Grab hold of it and never let go. Let it shine, let it in, let it fill you. Awake my soul.

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